Working life

We all know that working life isn´t so easy. This is why we (Jemima, working @ Friendly Mc Slick inc. and Gretchen, working @ Rubber Productions Ltd) have decided to share our work related worries and 'workplace adventures' via this log. Please, feel free to react!

First Day Nerves at Friendly McSlick....

There's a reason why we set up this blog: working 40 hours a week is, erm, rather challenging, to put it mildly!!Since starting at Friendly McSlick two weeks ago, I've experienced several different emotions. It went something like this:

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Uptight communication b1tches

Did you ever notice that the people working in the communication department generally tend to be a bit uptight, controll-freakish and arrogant? Well, at least, this is my perception at Rubber Productions Ltd and it was certainly so in my previous job. I began to wonder when she got laid for the last time. Of course that shouldn't have been of my concern really, but these things turn into a huge thing when they put all their crap and frustrations on you over NOTHING.

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Sunday evening

Sunday evening is the worst day for us working girls! The thought about starting a new working week is not the happiest, BUT with this new log there is new hope. Luckily our struggle is a little less with the support on this log!

x Gretchen